On November 28, 2011 a complaint was filed against Comcast on behalf of African American employees who work at the South Side facility, located at 721 E. 112th Street, Chicago, IL 60628. 

To date, no class has been certified in this case. However, any African American employee who worked at the 721 E. 112th Street facility between 2005-present is a proposed class member.

The complaint alleges that Defendant Comcast created and maintained a racially discriminatory environment against employees at the South Side location.  Specifically, the Complaint charges that African American employees at the South Side location were subjected to the following discriminatory conditions:  

  1. African American employees were forced to work in a substandard facility.
  2. African American employees are forced to install infested, defective, and/or used equipment into customers’ homes.
  3. African American employees are not provided with the necessary tools to diagnose and fix service outages.
  4. African American employees are not provided with the same training and promotional opportunities as employees at other facilities.  
  5. African American employees are not provided with equal pay or fair evaluations like employees at other locations.
  6. African American employees were subjected to a hostile work environment because of their race. 

The complaint includes allegations that customers serviced by Comcast’s South Side facility located at 721 E. 112th Street, Chicago, IL 60628, receive inferior service as compared to other areas. This substandard service includes installation of defective, used, and/or infested equipment and service outages. Although Comcast customers are not potential class members, we are interested in receiving information and speaking with individuals who received cable service from Comcast’s South Side facility between 2005-present.

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